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  • dafa经典版:Maintenance-free sealed self-priming method

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  • No self-priming pump seal maintenance is very important, only the usual maintenance of equipment in order to achieve the best effect when it is

    running. Self-priming pump maintenance should consider what areas? From the following aspects.
    1, check the self-priming various parts are loose, worn, etc. If there is to be repaired or replaced. Hand or tool rotation pump, self-priming Look is

    2, try to control the self-priming pump flow and head on the plate specified range to ensure maximum efficiency point of self-priming operation in

    order to obtain the maximum energy savings.
    3, pump during operation, the bearing temperature must not exceed the ambient temperature of 35C, the maximum temperature should not exceed 80C.
    4, such as self-priming abnormal sounds should be immediately stopped to check why. When you want to stop the use of self-priming pump, turn off the

    valve, pressure gauge, then stop the motor.
    5, high suction lift self-priming pump is not in a long time and when the winter season, parking, the need to unscrew the lower pump drain plug will

    put the net media.
    6, carefully listen to the sound operation of the electric motor is abnormal, because the runtime noisy room, you can listen to the aid of a

    screwdriver or other auxiliary tool bar, pro motor attached to both ends of listening, if you frequently listen to, not only to find the motor and

    drag bad vibration equipment, and even how much oil can determine the bearing, thus timely to add bearing oil, or replaced with new bearings and other

    appropriate measures to deal with and avoid motor bearing in oil dry grinding stall, go cylindrical, bore burn sweep bad.
        Maintenance-free sealed self-priming methods to understand, usually doing maintenance work in order to maximize the equipment in use, reduce

    operating faults, have a role in improving the efficiency and prolong life and so on.

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