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  • dafa经典版:Desulfurization pump repair corrosion and wear protection

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  • Desulfurization pump repair corrosion and wear protection , desulfurization slurry circulating pump relay heat desulfurization system , booster fan

    after large-scale equipment , usually centrifugal, it is directly extracted from the bottom of the tower slurry circulation , is the largest

    desulfurization process flow , the most demanding conditions of use pumps, corrosion and abrasion often lead to their failure. Its main features are:
    A strong abrasive :
    The slurry containing a large amount of desulfurization tower bottom solid particles , mainly ash , desulfurization media particles , particle size is

    generally 0 ~ 400μm, more than 90% of 20 ~ 60μm, the concentration of 5% to 28% ( mass ratio ) , solid particles ( especially Al2O3, SiO2 particles

    ) having a strong abrasive .
    2 , corrosive :
    In a typical limestone ( lime ) - gypsum desulfurization process , pH value of the slurry generally bottoms 5-6 , after adding up the value of

    desulfurizer pH of 6 to 8.5 operating conditions ( pH of the slurry circulating pump and the desulfurization tower and joining the relevant point of

    the desulfurizing agent ); Cl- can be enriched more than 80000mg / L, at low pH conditions , will produce a strong corrosive.
    3 , cavitation resistance :
    In the desulfurization system , the pumping of the slurry circulating often contain a certain quantity of gas . In fact , the slurry was centrifuged

    for air circulation pumping solid-liquid multiphase flow , solid affect pump performance is relatively continuous, uniform , and the impact of the air

    pump relative to the solid phase complex and far more difficult to predict .


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