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  • dafa经典版:Common causes of pump failure time

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  • (1) hydraulic oil tank is too low;
    (2) No seasonal use of hydraulic oil;
    (3) into the pipeline was severely clogged dirt;
    (4) damage to the oil pump drive gear seal air into the hydraulic system;
    (5) the pump inlet and outlet port connector or elbow connector "O" ring seal is damaged, bent or into joints fastening bolts, nuts are not tightened flowlines air into the hydraulic system;
    (6) the pump leak, seals aging;
    (7) end or the main pump, the end face of the driven gear bushing wear or scratch, the two sleeve face flatness tolerance;
    (8) the internal parts of the pump assembly errors caused by leakage;
    (9) "L" loaded "D" pump, causing washed out oil seal;
    (10) Hydraulic oil is too dirty.

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